How to Make Over N24,000 Within 7days

A brief on NigeriaLoom Platform

When you join NigeriaLoom, you will be relied upon to make a donation of ₦1,000, ₦4,000 ₦8,000 or ₦15,000 depending on the amount you wish to donate. as this will make you dynamic and be a full participant on NigeriaLoom.COM, please dependably take note that NigeriaLoom is not a bank and a co-agent society but rather a group that tends to make our money-related status additionally fascinating.

When you enroll on NigeriaLoom you will be required to make a donation of the amount you selected to donate to a member which you will be required to make the payment within 24 hours, in the event that you decline to make the donation inside the stipulated time,you will be consequently be kicked out of the system without is prudent to join when you are prepared to donate.once again, please take note that we are not banks or co-agent social orders. this is a group that unites two persons to help each other by recycling funds among each other. do you believe with this system, you can be in a superior place in a brief time? on the off chance that you believe, kindly hit the join button to join now…

For example you selected ₦1,000 donation and you have been merged with another participant on NigeriaLoom website and you have transferred the ₦1,000 to the bank account given to you, you will have to wait for 7 days which on the 7th day your bank account will be given to a participant or participants on the platform to transfer to your submitted bank account, it is very simple and straight! When you are finished with the donation as expected, patiently hold up within 7days while the system consolidates you with participants to give ₦1,000, ₦4,000 ₦8,000 or ₦15,000 depending the sum you gave when you were donating…Please take note that on this system, you don’t have to bring individuals before you get paid, we source out individuals for you!


  • DONATE ₦1,000 GET ₦3,000 IN 7DAYS
  • DONATE ₦8,000 GET ₦12,000 IN 7DAYS
  • DONATE ₦8,000 GET ₦24,000 IN 7DAYS


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