NReporters | My Career Is More Important Than Marriage - Actress Amanda Ebeye
My Career Is More Important Than Marriage - Actress Amanda Ebeye.
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- Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye has revealed how important her career as a film-maker is to her

- In a recent interview, 32-year-old It's a Crazy World star shared that her career is more important than marriage

- She also shared her thoughts on domestic violence in marriage

32-year-old It's a Crazy World star, Amanda Ebeye has revealed how much she values her career as an actress over marriage.

Speaking in a recent interview with Sunday Sccop, the Delta-born actress stated that he career is very important to her and if given the option, she can never pick marriage over her career.

The self-proclaimed feminist shared that being married should not stop one from chasing their live dreams and ambitions.

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"I cannot choose between my marriage and career. Being married doesn’t mean your life should stop. You get married for you and your spouse to become teammates on the same field, and you are supposed to encourage each other. Once you see signs that a man is not ready to support what you do as a woman, there is no need to continue the relationship.” She said.

Talking about domestic violence in a marriage, she stated that most women see the signs in their spouse before walking down the aisle but choose to ignore it.

"If a man beats you in marriage, he must have slapped you before you got married. Since you dated him for a while before marriage, you cannot say you did not see signs of violence in him but women turn their back against those things." She opined.

She reinforced that she will pick her career over marriage as it is very important to her. she said: "I have always told myself that I wouldn’t stay with any man who doesn’t support what I do. My career is very important to me and I don’t joke with it. I am not a woman who stays at home and does nothing.”

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Meanwhile, veteran actress, Ireti Doyle has sent a message to Nollywood producers concerning payment of actors. She stated that it is high time they stop pricing talents like commodities in the market.

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