NReporters | Ex-Teacher: I Resigned In December Because Of The School’s Condition
Ex-Teacher: I Resigned In December Because Of The School’s Condition.
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Miss Bukola Salami, a former teacher in the school, said she foresaw the danger and decided to resign her appointment with Ohen Nursery and Primary School last December.

She said: “The proprietor of the school had been told to vacate the building, but she said she didn’t have money to rent another place. It was actually because of the bad condition of the building that made me to resign in December. I didn’t want to risk my life. It’s unfortunate that such incident is happening. Everything looks so surreal to me.”

A resident of the collapsed building, who introduced himself as Akin, said: “The building was marked for demolition, but the developers found a way to stop the demolition. I was at work, when I got the news of the incident. Two years ago, developers carried out minor renovation works on the building.”

A resident in the area, Mr. Adewale Owoso, said: “When the building collapsed, it was like a bomb. We were just sitting down in front of the school when we heard a loud sound. We all scampered in different directions. After the dust settled, we realised that it was the school that collapsed. We quickly mobilised and began rescue operation. We had rescued more than 20 people, before the emergency workers arrived.”

A woman, Iya Mola, said: “Many people didn’t even know that there was a school there, but I knew. The school is popularly called, ‘Auntie Esther School. This is the third place that the school had been relocated to within this community.”

Another resident of the area, who identified himself as Taofeek, said: “The building was very weak and it was marked for demolition about two years ago. Some of the residents had already packed out of the building, but the proprietor and some of her teachers were trying to relocate the pupils when the accident occurred.”

Another resident, Sodiq Adewunmi, said: “It was first marked for demolition in 2011, but the owner managed to prevent the demolition. Somehow, the building was renovated about three years ago, but it was still visible that it was defective. The ongoing drainage construction near the building might have caused the collapse of the house.”

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