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Whats the option.
(Posted By Jask2) | Published on: Tue 23 Oct 2018 | Post viewed: 3714 Times
A lady was almost done with her education, and she had a fiancee who she was courting for over 5yrs. A day came when he wanted to have s*x with her, she said until we get married. So he oblige to her as he was going to marry anyway. One day as he was about going to work he had a call that is fiancee is back in town but she is afraid of him, he ask why but he was told to go see things for himself.
As he went to see things for himself, he found out that she is 3month gone, how did it happen? He asked, she said she was raped while going for night reading to class.
So if it were u what will u do, will u still marry her or......

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