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Tips on how to Understand patners.
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*"Understanding your Partner"*
Love is not always about s*x, going on fancy dates or showing off....
It's about being with a person who makes you
happy in a way nobody else can...
If you don't understand your partner, you may
condemn your love life or think that relationships
doesn't work for you..
The kind of relationship you're in, can make you or
break you.
Ñote: Relationship is like a bus- stop, everybody may be travelling but to different destinations..
Are you sure ,the person you're dating is dating
1. One of the vital attributes of a healthy relationship is when your suggestions and opinions are regarded..
~ If you're not involved, you're excluded ( Watch it)
2. Nowadays most people may not tell you it's over; just watch their body language....e.g:
overlooking of calls, keeping silence with no just cause, less care, lack of attention, seeing calls as a disturbance, getting too busy for you, some questions are seen as nagging or complaints..
~ The sign is too obvious!
3. Relationship is not a place to show off but a
period of serious commitment...
~ Two years in a relationship should be able to
produce a fruit, unless it is planted on a dry land
4. "If Every relationship must not end in marriage "then " Why must it end in s*x?
~ Date when you're ready to settle down..
5. Understand your partner's intentions and plans...
~ Ask for future plans not weekend plans ...
Marriage is a purpose, hence nobody wants to love in vacuum.
There is a message in a way someone treats you.
What you can't get in a relationship, don't expect it
in marriage..
The way you're treated, determines your "value" in
one's life.

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