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Advertise With Us

We appreciate your interest to advertise with NReporters

NReporters runs a Focused on Advertisement, with which any NReporters member can put adverts depending on the areas of NReporters where the general population he/she needs to reach are well on the way to be found.

To put promotions on NReporters, the initial step is to get your advertisement standard composed by a decent visual planner (i.e A graphics designer). Your promotion pennant must be borderless and must be exactly as the width we demand for.

Why You Should Publicize on NReporters

Presently, NReporters is a quickly developing news webpage and one of the best 50 most visited site in Nigeria and as yet developing every day. With more than 40k most dynamic users and more than 500k day by day site traffic. We are not only a news website but rather an answer for Nigerians as we make it extremely reasonable for anybody to publicize to our expansive gathering of people and develop their business.

The most effective method to Begin

How To put advert on NReporters:

  • You should make and have a verified account on NReporters.
  • Design a good and catchy ad banner for your advert.
  • Login to your dashboard and clcik on advertise
  • Click on Add fund to fund your advert balance
  • after a successful payment, Click on Create advert
  • Upload your image and select and where you want your advert to be placed

Advert rate on NReporters:

  1. Top Advert: N8000/7days
  2. Side Right Advert: N5000/7days
  3. Sponsored Post: N4000/7days
  4. Share Post Advert: N10,000/7days

Note: The minimum amount to fund is N5,000 if not your advert will be rejected.

We anticipate working with you!